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The main asset class for MRL Investments is commercial office buildings with high prestige CBD locations. 

MRL Investments has acquired an extensive portfolio of commercial investments and is now focusing on high prestige residential properties throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. As a landlord, MRL Investments prides itself on striking a strong commercial relationship with its tenants on the basis of ‘growing together’ for the mutual benefit of landlord and tenant. MRL Investments’ commercial properties are located in Brisbane and Cairns with further acquisitions being planned.

MRL Investments has been successful in acquiring well situated commercial properties and managing the upgrade to re-present the property to the commercial leasing market whilst maintaining full occupancy. MRL Investments uses the expertise of its sister company MRL Technical Services to ensure all facilities operate to the highest standard.


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76 Lake St, Cairns – QLD, Australia
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120 Bunda St, Cairns – QLD, Australia
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488 Queen Street, Brisbane – QLD, Australia
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316 Adelaide Street, Brisbane – QLD, Australia
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33 Park Avenue, Broadbeach Waters
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