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We are MRL Investments. 

MRL Investments is a privately owned Australian investment company retaining a range of assets. It is the registered business name of Mineral Resources Lihir Pty Ltd, which is the Trustee Manager of the Australian assets of the Future Fund for the people of the Lihir Group of Islands, New Island Province, PNG. We possess an extensive portfolio of investments, manage commercial buildings and relevant upgrades and act as a landlord for corporate tenants.

Our assets consist of various classes, including commercial office buildings, residential property, stocks and bonds and other commercial investments. 

We pride ourselves in performing well in the commercial real estate space, despite the quiet market. Our buildings are well-located in the CBD and presented at the highest standard in their class. We manage a constant upgrade program, with particular emphasis on the latest technology for building services and energy conservation. We assist our tenants to reap the optimum benefits from the use of their office spaces.

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MRL Investments is a privately owned Australian Investment company, retaining an extensive range of assets.
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Our property portfolio includes


The Lihir Group of Islands is an island group in Papua New Guinea, located north of New Island. Lihir Island, also known as Niolam Island, is the largest island of the group at 22km long and 14.5km wide, other islands include Mali, Mahur, Masahet and Suanambiet. The current population is approximately 19,000.

Lihir Island is the location of Lihir Gold Mine, which is operated by Newcrest Mining Limited. The mine holds one of the largest gold resources in the world. Gold production commenced in 1996.

Before the mine opened the islands were relatively isolated from the rest of PNG. Infrastructure and public services to Lihir and the neighbouring islands were limited. The only sources of education were provided by missionaries.

The people of the Lihir group of islands are facing the normal challenges associated with receiving a fair share of the wealth created by the major resources development on their traditional land. The Lihirans have balanced the various cultural, social and economic issues in a contemporary Melanesian society.

MRL Investments provides an example of astute business and asset management. The associated CSO Lihir Charitable Foundation, is supporting health, education infrastructure development on Lihir. Landowner representatives are on the board of MRL Investments. It’s Chairman, Mark Soipang, has been a prime force in developing MRL Investments.

MRL Investments manages the Australian assets of the Future Fund. A related company, MRL Capital Limited manages the PNG assets of the Future Fund. The capital of the Future Fund was created by the decision of the landowners to acquire shares on the IPO for Lihir Gold Limited. This astute decision and the decision to sell their shares, and repay all loans provided the initial capital of the Future Fund.

There has been no income or other benefit received from the Mine Operator, LGL or Newcrest for this Future Fund, which has been operated as a stand alone private investment entity. There are royalties paid to some land owners and these funds are not part of the assets of the Future Fund.

For more background on Lihir – Download ‘The Lihir Destiny’ publication by Nicholas A. Bainton.

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