CSO Lihir Charitable Foundation


CSO LIHIR CHARITABLE FOUNDATION was established to receive the trust distribution allocated CSO purposes under the governing trust deed of the Lihir Future Fund.  The main objects of the Foundation are to fund

  • Scholarships both on Lihir, within PNG and overseas
  • Develop Health Infrastructure and related goals
  • Develop Education  Infrastructure and related goals.

Due to the serious lack of proper  health and education infrastructure on the Lihir Islands, the initial focus is on construction projects on Lihir Islands, to repair existing facilities and then upgrade or construct new projects.

The Foundation will also fund health or education related plant or equipment such as generators, school buses and equipment.

All submissions for funding should be submitted to Lawrence Rausim, MD of MRL Capital.  Please use this link for a sample funding application form.


To establish progressive projects for continual initiation, an investment strategy has been constructed. The mixed portfolio of assets consist of 80% in shares, equity and business and the remainder 20% in property and real estate. The Foundation has substantial equity with an investment return of approximately 8% per annum. The investments of the CSO Foundation are managed by MRL Investments, the Australian Trustee of the Lihir Equity Trust. MRL Investments provides an example of astute business and asset management.


Designed to support and assist the people of the Lihir Island, the CSO Lihir Charitable Foundation has formed a number of projects involving health, education and improving general standard of life. Health and Education are the backbone of a community – both enable growth and prosperity, critical to the Lihir Islands

CSO Lihir Charitable Foundation projects include:

  • Palie Health Care Centre Development
  • Scholarship Program
  • Cadetship Program
  • Secondary School Award Program

These projects will contribute to the Lihir community and ensure a more prosperous future. To read more on the Foundation and its projects please download our Newsletter PDF.

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